Blue Mountains and the Three Sisters

The Blue Mountains is a mountainous region and a mountain range located in New South Wales, Australia. Its a 2-hour trip located in the outskirts of Sydney. Really worth the long trip. Wish I could spend it whole day. We didn’t manage to trek and walk directly in Three Sisters rock formation because kids are not permitted. Just seen the Three Sisters from afar.

Since its a quite long trip and a little expensive, we planned to visit it a Sunday so we can avail the daily travel cap that costs only 2.5 AUS dollar with unlimited train and bus rides, makes our trip more enjoyable one. This is also includes the ferry rides to Manly beach and other sites. By using Opal cards on public transport, you’ll enjoy daily travel caps and the $2.50 per person Sunday cap. Its a must TIP especially those who are budget travelers like us. So many free things to do in Sydney, so little time. For those who plans to travel, make sure you made it at least 2 weeks and included other cities particularly Melbourne.

To get there, alight Katoomba Station via Blue Mountain Line from Central Station
then Ride Bus 686 and drop off at Echo Point.



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