Bondi Beach and Ice Berg Club

It has been a life long dream to step in this country. We spent only three and a half days in Sydney. Our itineraries are jam packed. Since our top priority is Bondi beach, we headed in the beach as our first stop, must have lunch at Bondi Ice Berge club. We spend only 3 hours walking around Bondi beach and its too picturesque in person. Its just half an hour train and bus ride from the airport. So many things to do while in Bondi beach, theres a pain of regret as I didn’t spent full day on the beach, coastal walk is a must. We haven’t even swim on the beach. Still can’t get enough of the tranquility of the beach.
I can’t even take my eyes off a view of Ice Berg pool. Im still craving of the foods that we have ordered in Iceberg club – fish burger and fries. Still wishing I can stay on that place forever. Pictures can’t even give justice to its beauty. Still dreaming of this place like I haven’t been there before. Still remain on my bucketlist.

Visa Processing in Australia is the most convenient and hassle free. Their transportation is so convenient as well. Its very tourist friendly. Cant wait to go back again for Melbourne and Alice Springs.




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