Christmas · New York

AIRBNB 2 in Brooklyn

Since our trip to Niagara did not push through because of the weather, we stayed for another 3 days in Brooklyn and moved to another Airbnb Apartment. This apartment is modern yet classy and feels like you dont want to leave. I like all the
furniture and the location is very convenient. Its just a minute walk from Myrtle Station. I wish we stayed here instead upon our arrival. We did not meet the host but he replies quickly whenever we had concern. I will definitely booked this room again and again when we come back. Its a big house with a lot of rooms. Its only renovated and very peaceful unlike on our previous apartment which I wasn’t able to sleep because of the noise of the railway.

We spend amost a week in New York, Its a little disappointing we had to miss MET Museum, The Cloisters and Niagara because of the cold weather. I am hesitant to book the flight or even the amtrak ride to Niagara because of the freaking cold weather. I’m just to scared that we might got sick when we get to Niagara. Too bad I had to miss the scenic Hudson valley while on the amtrak train ride to Niagara. I have missed that amazing experience. Since we had enough of the famous landmark in New York, we opted to visit shopping districts like
Chinatown, Little Italy, Herald Square and SOHO. Never enjoyed that much cause we are in a tight budget and avoiding excess baggage as we are about to head to California. Its a bit tiring to walk around those shopping areas and there are flocked with tourist.



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