Christmas · New York

Little Italy, SOHO, Chinatown

Must dine in one of the restaurants in Little Italy. Experienced authentic pasta dishes and pizza while shopping.

SOHO (South of Houston St)

Now that its impeccably preserved cast-iron fire escapes and industrial facades showcase the wares of Chanel, Prada and numerous less exalted brands, the area south of Houston Street is a far cry from the hardscrabble manufacturing zone that once earned the derisive nickname Hell’s Hundred Acres. But don’t write off Soho as a mere urban shopping mall; though many of the art galleries that made Soho New York’s contemporary-art hot spot in the 1970s and ’80s decamped to Chelsea and the Lower East Side, some excellent art spaces remain. Walk along the cobblestone streets and find great New York restaurants, bars and things to do in this downtown neighborhood.

To go there from Brooklyn, take J train to Bowery Station. Little Italy is 8 minutes walk to SOHO and Chinatown.



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