Christmas · New York

Greenwich and West Village

“Concrete jungle where dreams are made of”. Reminds me of this song while walking into this cozy and sophisticated alleys in West Village.

Living in this posh and classic village has been a dream for me. Strolling to this charming village will make you feel like I’m one of those well known Holywood artist in this place. Hoping to meet some Holywood celebrity along the way. Its a fan mode moment for me. Still cant get enough of this charming neighborhood, quiet and free and away from a bustling city of New York.

I wonder how its like to live with this cozy lifestyle. With lots of picturesque coffee shops and stylish restaurants nearby. I cant contain my excitement he moment I wander into this posh neighborhood.
This village I only seen from my favorite TV series and movies. Still cant believe I’m seeing it in reality. I love those quaint brownstone and classic cobblestone street that feels like in Europe. Take a lot of pictures of this instagrammable neighborhood in New York.

To get there, just walk heading west from Washington Square Park. Its about 13 minutes walk.IMG_9246IMG_9250IMG_9252IMG_9253IMG_9255IMG_9264IMG_9280IMG_9286IMG_9290IMG_9293IMG_9296IMG_9298IMG_9307IMG_9313IMG_9316IMG_9321IMG_9325IMG_9327IMG_9329IMG_9331IMG_9333IMG_9335IMG_9338IMG_9339




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