Christmas · New York

Washington Square Park

Don’t miss this picturesque and iconic Washington square arch. Its near in NY universities and well known villages (Greenwich Village & West Village)
This is also one of the best known landmarks in New York with lots of recreational activities and historical place.

I can spend my whole day here, play chess, read a good book, strolling alone while seeing the pigeons flew by, watching tourist or local while enjoying the music or have a bite or eat an ice cream.
This place is sooo relaxing like Central Park. I wish there are lots of parks in Manila like this, away from any distractions.

Really love to spend my “me” time here and has been my favorite hang out place in New York.

The moment I step into this historic park, my mind filled with the music and it reminds me how wonderful it is to live in a simple life enjoying God’s work and creativity.

Artists and adventurers seems unite in this place. Snapping every photo and all photos are seems worthwhile. Its so Paris feel like though I haven’t been in Europe.

Hoping to see lots of Arch like this in Europe.

To get there from Brooklyn: M train to W 4 Station.



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