Osaka · Tokyo


This place is located near Tanimachi 6 Chyome. Since we are only in a budget and cannot afford a RYOKAN style accommodation, we opted to stay in TATAMI room style. Its a semi tatami flat and not that pricey. Very accessible, convenient, quiet neighborhood and really homey. I felt like I don’t want to leave this place. Will definitely stay here again on our next Osaka Visit. Its a shared room only but we are lucky coz we are the only guests upon our arrival. Guests arrived on the next day are also friendly. Our host doesn’t speak English, but is very accommodating. She met and picked us up in Tanimachi station and just only a minute walk to the house. Place is very clean and spacey. I really love the interiors and every stuff are new. This is highly recommended!!! everything is great, nothing to complain about. This is our best AIRBNB experience yet. There are also lots of convenience store nearby like Lawson. Living like a locals must be always included in your itinerary. Maybe will try a RYOKAN style on our next visit since JAPAN is only 3 hours away, I vowed to revisit this place every year whenever there’s a seat sale!



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