Osaka · Tokyo


Wish we have train like this here in the Philippines. All kinds of trains are here!!!Another reason to love Japan. You spend 70% of your time on travel time no matter how far it is. You might be lucky if you caught a glimpse of Mt Fuji. You can visit the whole Japan in a day by train hopping only. Its a little pricey than air travel but sceneries just worth it also, no need to checkin hours before boarding. We availed Shinkansen roundtrip (Tokyo-Osaka) + day pass for 44,000 Yen via Japanican site. For the day pass, it is highly suggested to use it the next day early morning until 11pm. You can just hop every station and this is unlimited rides. Kids below 6 years are free of charge. Travel time took us only about 2 hours.IMG_4239IMG_4241IMG_4243IMG_4244IMG_4248IMG_4249IMG_4250IMG_4265IMG_4270IMG_4277


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