Meiji shrine & Yoyogi Park

Our third stop. I had to take some photos in iconic tori gates and Barrels of Sake.
Sake barrels are located outside the entrance of Meiji Shrine.
Meiji Shrine is located across the Omotesando and just beside the Harajuku Station.

This is a must visit especially on your first travel to Tokyo.

Only passed by at Yoyogi due to time constraints. Meiji shrine and Yoyogi park is next to each other. Ive hear lots of good reviews in Yoyogi unfortunately, we skipped that part as our next stop is Shinjuku Gyoen Park.

Parks are ideal and should be the first activity in the morning.

How I love the parks in Tokyo. Wishing there are more parks like this in Manila instead of malls. Most of the shopping districts has their own parks. You wouldn’t mind all the walking so long as it is in cold weather with awesome views.

I missed getting lost in Japan. Been there but I am still dreaming to go in Japan. whenever I think Japan, I feel excited and looks forward to my next trip. Wish I could go back there again every season or at least 3x a year.



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