Harajuku & Omotesando

This is supposed to be our best trip yet, unfortunately our trip was cancelled on our way to Tokyo! So we only spent 6 days instead of one week. Our itinerary was ruined and skipped some places to visit like Roponggi Hills, Ikebukuro, Ginza and even Cat cafes. Our first day was jampacked and only made quick visit around Shibuya/Shunjuku area. It is very tiring but its still worth it! So many things need to do and we have so little time. We are on tour with a toddler so we could not spend the whole night for shopping and exploring other places. I knew we have missed a lot in Japan. So we need to go back there again in next year. And since this is now my favorite city, I vowed to visit this place every year. Unlike other countries that we have visited and vowed not to go back like Malaysia and Singapore. The cool weather makes it even more perfect.

On the second stop, I only had a glimpse of Harajuku and Omotesendo before we head into Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Park. I am really tempted to do some cheap shopping in Harajuku alleys and shops.And since we dont have much time and almost skipped lunch, we have to escape instead. I was really bitterly disappointed. I choose to capture more photos and explore more places over shopping as this is our first time to visit. Harajuku is my place to be!!! I will never get tired looking for some cheap finds in that area. It is my plan to buy cheap Kimono but it didnt turned out as our itinerary was ruined because of the flight cancelled. I could spend the whole day upto night in Harajuku station only. Since our Harajuku shopping did not push through, we plan to do shopping in Dotonbori, Osaka instead. Every shopping districts in Japan never fails to amaze me. its a long long walk. Every corner is a must visit and alley shops seems never ending. Almost every JR/metro stations in Japan is a shopping district. I have missed a lot! Few shopping areas and cat cafe! oh Japan, how can you be so damned perfect!

So many nice things to say even locals are accommodating. Expenses in Japan is a little cheaper than Hongkong. You can find lots of cheap accomodation via AIRBNB. Staying in AIRBNB feels at home. You can cook and bike around neighborhood. Touristy spots are nearby. Lots of convenient stores. You will not even worry even if you have left your stuff anywhere since the place is the safest I must say.

Still cant get over on our flight cancelled on Japan. No harajuku and Ginza little shopping, no cat cafe visited, I thought 3-4 days is enough to see Tokyo, I am still longing to see more of Tokyo. It seems our next trip will be jampacked again. So many wishful thinking. Theyre really right once you visited Japan, you will feel that you wont want to leave. Most of my friends visited multiple times and never run out of places to see. Their frequent trips to Japan always come out fresh and new discoveries.




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