Shibuya Crossing

First stop: Shibuya Pedestrian and Hachiko

Our trip in Japan is over and yet my search on must visit and other interesting spots is still never ending.
Seems 15 days of stay still not enough. For those who planned to visit Japan, I tell you, you have to maximize your stay up to 15 days. I think that’s enough since fares are quite expensive, you have to plan it and must be really prepared. You have to do lot of searching. There are various cheap AIRBNB houses to stay. There are also lots of parks and shrines which entrance are free. You can still enjoy even in a tight budget. You just have to spend so much on fare between trains. There are also sleeper bus if you want to go to different cities so you can save accommodation for a night. I guess JR pass seems practical so you can go as far as you want you can also explore different cities. Japan has many worth visiting and shopping districts that has to offer.

Uploading these photos makes me miss Japan even more

I wish I could have stayed a little longer and do more shopping. I am just so into pictures and no time to shop.



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